Tapas is a commitment to making conscious choices in thought, actions and words that lead you towards your truest self. 

 Fusion Remote Yoga Tribe



One thing CAN remain certain in this uncertain time is YOUR YOGA practice! So this is the time to practice "Tapas" Self discipline & Passion. Identify attainable goals and joyfully do what is necessary to achieve them. That could be simply to find peace and calm in todays climate. Being disciplined does not mean perfecting Challenging Poses, discipline is maintaining your weekly or daily practice. Ultimately what matters most are the lessons learned through the journey of your practice. So stick with me my wonderful Remote Fusion Yoga Tribe and lets still practice together.


Yoga is more important than ever before. Keep your physical body moving. Keep your Breath Flowing and your Mind Still. Connect to the silence within and find Peace !

Fusion will deliver  Yoga Online Yoga sessions through Zoom a LIVE online meeting with video and audio
Join us by following these very simple steps.

  1. Make a ZOOM account (free)

  2. Book a class as normal

  3. Grab your Mat and Find a Quiet Zone!

To Make a zoom account click here Also, download the app version to your chosen device. We recommend the bigger screen the better. Choice of apple / android. Laptop, Ipad, Tablet

Book your class on  StudioBookings  as usual your pass will be debited in the normal way once booked on we will send a URL link to you so you can join the class through your zoom account. Please login 10 minutes before the start of the class to minimise delays with technology. 


Tips and hints for a great home practice with FUSION

  • Turn up early to greet your teacher as normal. Report on injury/ general condition.

  • Turn off phones / TV / radio / children!

  • Use a laptop / tablet with a large screen,  or “mirror” your phone on your TV.

  • Create a cosy space. Have your mat ready and make your yoga space as clear and clutter free as you can.

  • Don’t forget to dress for the occasion – your teacher can see you!


I am so grateful for everyones support during this really tough time. Most of you know there is only little old me and i am a small studio and absolutely depend on you my beautiful committed yogis, to keep me going during this rather crazy unpredictable time.


Please,  join me on the mat remotely if you can.

Namaste x