Yoga is not about touching your toes. It's what you learn on the way down.

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I believe in living a life full of joy, freedom, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings inform and guide my teaching and practice, which is focused on helping my students better connect to themselves and with their surroundings.

There is a class to suit everyone whatever your body type or personality. 

Yoga brings a beautiful fusion of strength, flexibility, love, light, energy & healing.


My vision for the studio, when I chose the name "Fusion", was to show people that there is a style of yoga for everyone. Not only did I want to share my expression of yoga (Vinyasa Flow), I wanted to encourage other teachers to come and share their styles too.

I offer classes and private sessions. 

All Classes are currently being taught ONLINE. 

Come and join our wonderful remote yogi tribe and book a class now!



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Tuesday 11:00-12:00

Hello I'm Grace and I'm a qualified 200-RYT yoga teacher. My journey into yoga started around 7 years ago when I began travelling around parts Asia and started taking yoga classes in Ashrams and studios to find out more about this practice. I uncovered meditation, mindfulness and silence; expression of the self, healing and compassion and decided to take my Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India.

I’ve always known that I wanted to give back to the local community that raised me up and through my travels and experiences, I’ve found that it is yoga that helps me to do this.

My yoga classes help you to ground yourself, reconnect and explore your true self without judgement. Aimed at beginners, I will help you to find the balance within yourself and enable you to leave the studio feeling completely calm, renewed and relaxed. Everyone of all abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome and I look forward to learning and growing with you.



Saturday 9:00-10:00

I fell in love with yoga through aerial and floor practice in my early twenties, after discovering both the physical and mental benefits that time on the mat can bring. As a result, I decided to study my 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Yoga Alliance certified Harmony Yoga School on the beautiful Cape Cod, USA, wanting to help others find the strength and space that the practice provides. Trained across a wide range of styles, I love to teach flow classes from gentle hatha to power vinyasa sequences, so you can expect a strong but supportive class for all abilities that unlocks the body and mind.



Learn to Listen to Your Body

Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. I try to show my students that yoga goes beyond a physical practice. Being a Yogi means living Yoga and applying the philosophy off your mat as well as on. My classes and workshops provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open-minded individuals. Check out my offerings of services and programs and join our community today.



Strength, Flexibility & Healing

  • Number of poses and how long they are held: Generally, in power yoga there are fewer poses which are held longer. While in vinyasa flow classes there are more poses which are moved through more quickly.

  • Strength or Flexibility: Power yoga tends toward strength building because the poses are held longer. While vinyasa flow tends toward flexibility because the focus is on linking the poses together in a continuous movement

  • Body or Breath awareness: Power yoga is more body focused while vinyasa flow is more breath focused.

Pilates Stretches


JUST BE! Rather than "DO"

Believe it or not: “being” rather than “doing”, in and of itself, is an accomplishment!
Even if you enjoy a faster paced style of yoga perhaps think about challenging yourself on more of a mental/medative level. Although there are no specific Yin Classes I love to weave in this beautiful practice to my predominantly Yang classes.

Buddha Statue


The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated.

Yoga Philosophy is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. We attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.



Breath Control and Concentration

Pranayama - Prana means life force or breath sustaining the body; Ayama translates as "to extend or draw out." Together two mean breath extension or control.

Meditation - learning to concentrate or focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling and free ourselves from distractions .



Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. The classes at Fusion provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open-minded individuals.

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I've been doing yoga with Lisa, at The Hub Wellness Yoga Centre, for just over 6 months and I absolutely love it.
Lisa does a brilliant job of teaching beginner & intermediate yoga in the same class. She demonstrates the modifications for each move which has really built my confidence.
Each week there is a theme that shapes the session and encourages you to think about how to apply the yoga teachings in everyday life, this is done in such a way that you can take as much or as little from it as you want to.
It's a great atmosphere, providing a full body workout and a friendly vibe. Everyone supports each other and offers encouragement. It's my favourite hour of the week.


I have been attending yoga classes with Lisa for nearly three years now.Her classes are excellent with a range of options for all levels. She is a lovely teacher and always has a theme for her classes. She is very welcoming. Her classes also push you to the next level which is great for fitness. I would highly recommend her.


I have been attending Lisa's yoga classes for approximately 2 years. During this time I have learnt a great deal. Not only about the physical aspect of yoga but also how, with a combination of strong and sometimes strenuous exercise together with meditation and relaxation, a sense of calm and wellbeing can be achieved. The atmosphere in Lisa's classes is lovely. Lisa will never push you if you feel you cannot achieve a certain pose but will give gentle reassurance and praise when you do. I always leave the class feeling calm but also energised and would recommend anyone to try one of Lisa's yoga sessions.


Lisa was born to be a yoga teacher. She makes you feel very welcome, everything flows and when she says relax you learn to do just that. It is good for core strength and posture and you learn to breathe properly. I started 3 years ago and had never done yoga before. I have improved, but age and dodgy knees mean that i take advantage of the modifications that lisa makes for those of us that need it, she always tells us to do it at our own level


Having only taken up Yoga during May of this year at The Hub Wellness Centre in Heanor I have come to find that Yoga is a pleasure and I wish I had come to it sooner; Lisa brings out the best in the practice, physically, mentally but equally important spiritually making Yoga a journey for life.

Lisa is just a fabulous and lovely person who always selflessly devotes her time to others, her motivation, drive and commitment in all she does is something to be admired, and I’m proud to call myself a friend.


My goal is to offer physical and mental conditioning programs that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit your life.

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